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Spencer Gulf has the world’s largest know resource of Western King Prawn
The location of Spencer Gulf within South Australia creates the perfect conditions for this cold water prawn species making it the best wild catch fishery in the world.

About Us

This prawn species is a nocturnal variety of crustacean which feeds from the sea bottom within cool clean waters of South Australia.

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Our Products

All the prawns are caught and processed at sea. The catch is graded and packed then snap frozen on board to maintain the highest quality.

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South Australian prawns are natural wild catch prawns and the industry is a role model for other fisheries around the world.

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Global Sales

Prawn supplies are seasonal. The volume caught is based on seasonal conditions there for pre – order are important

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About Prawn Fishing

Fishing methods

  • Species :  King prawn (Penaeus latisulcatus)
  • Location : The Spencer Gulf of South Australia
  • Fishing methods :  Bottom trawl.
  • Vessels : Restricted to 38 licenced vessels
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What we do

Prawn fishing in South Australia

South Australian prawn is a superior quality prawn and is one of the worlds premium class species. World renown for its blue tip tail which are harvested from the pristine clean cold waters of South A

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International Recognition

South Australia is one of the first prawn fishery to be accreditated as a world class sustainable industry by the Marine Steward Council (MSC). Low impact fishing to the marine ecosystem which is r

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Harvest Period

The fishing season starts in November of one year through to June the following year. Since the fishing period is within a limited time frame it is essential that only the highest quality of prawn is

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